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When it comes to telling your brand’s stories to your customers, you would realise that there are so much channels you like to fill through.Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on what your brand represents when you are busy deploying resources on so many different media and marketing channels. What you need is a design partner to shape your brand stories and present them in a consistent and stylish way yo your customers.

No matter where and how your stories will be told, we are here to help.


more than appearance

Some may think maybe it’s just colour and shapes, and sometimes it even looks as if it is typed with a system font only. But we see brand / corporate identity as more than what it appears to be. It is about what your brand / deport meant to be. It is a combination of style and touch that leads your customers to explore who you are and what you are best at. We are not just designing for the meaning behind your brand, we are indeed more focusing on building up the state of emotion your brand want your customers to have.

online experience

users first

We build website and e-learning content. We love simple and slick design and our priority is to help the users to access to the content before introducing visual excitement to them. We also care about the backends for our clients. We know you are not technical and programming freaks so we also try our best to make your backends easy to handle.

design strategy

everything is purposeful

We partner with our clients to explore every possibility of growth, with the use of design as strategy. As designers, our ability to facilitate creative ideas and the focus on how users react to all sorts of information would be helpful in your branding process. We don’t like to ask our clients to buy creative ideas only for the sake of being different. We are more concerned about being strategic and purposeful.

graphic workflow management

faster and more effective

Our design is more than just visual impacts. A creative idea is crucial, yet without the knowledge of implementing it effectively the benefit to our clients would be diminished. We have experience to work with global brands in handling large scale of graphic works. Developing fast and effective workflow with our clients and introducing automation whenever possible is our strength to benefit our clients remarkably both in terms of time and cost saved.

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